Have you ever wondered what is the best way to display whole new layout, with lot of new widgets but you didn’t want to close the previous screen and be able to quickly get back to it? I did, in my currently developed app ProgressUpp I needed screen responsible for adding new progresses in main list, but I wanted It to not feel like I leave the list screen, and separate its features. The first idea was to create Dialog, but to be honest I don’t like Dialogs xD And what is more important, Dialogs do a lot of mess as I treat them more like Widget not like View (in design pattern meaning). So to separate bussiness logic and create intended feeling of It, I remembered the look of Contact Intent which appears on part of screen quickly and after taking actions on It, disappears quickly. It doesn’t leave any mess in your primary Activitys bussiness logic class (ViewModel, Presenter etc.).

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I have just started my new project, its main task will be tracking your progress across your activities, habits and objectives. It core features will be:

  • tracking progress
  • monitoring detailed data about your progress
  • fancy layout

In the near future early version will come out, keep your eyes on fanpage so you won’t miss out on premiere!