Simple way to create Web Chart on Android, put your values into it and it will work.


Add Repository

maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

Add Dependency

implementation 'com.github.JakubNeukirch:WebChartView:0.5.1'


All you need to do is add list of Points into your webchart, like this:

webChart.points = listOf(
Point(3, 6, ""),
Point(5, 7, "Oar"),
Point(1, 4, "HIfddd"),
Point(3, 10, "Test"),
Point(3, 15, "I text")

Point constructor

name type description
value Int value out of maxValue
maxValue Int max value
caption String The label which will be displayed above

Available xml attributes

name type description
labelTextSize dimension Size of label above web
webColor color Color of values web